The Wesak Festival Committee hopes that the Corona Situation will allow all of us to meet in May in Pöttmes physically.

The Wesak Retreat will be held hybrid, which means it will be streamed via Zoom as well. Online you can join all important events including Morning and Evening Sadhana live, but the possibility to interact for you will be limited during the event.

The following options are available for Registration – please note that only one option can be selected:

Option 1: The Wesak 2022 Retreat physically in Pöttmes

This option includes the participation in the The Wesak Ceremony as well!

Please note: for TPA Students only!

If a physical meeting in Pöttmes will not be possible you will automatically be enrolled in the Online retreat for the cost of the Wesak retreat.

The retreat fee will be slightly increased as it remained unchanged
the last years.
As there are too many unknown factors because of the Covid situation, we recommend waiting to book a flight.

Option 2: The Wesak 2022 Retreat Online

This option includes the participation in The Wesak Ceremony as well!

Please note: For TPA Students only and no TPA-Level Workshops online are possible!

As “Online only” participants have anyway substantially less travel and accommodation expenses, the Retreat fee will be around double of the fee of the last Years Retreat for those who are physically present.

Option 3: The Wesak 2022 Ceremony Physically in Pöttmes

Participation at the Wesak 2022 Ceremony is for „Donation Only“. Please be aware that you can not stay overnight on Gut Sedlbrunn in Pöttmes.

Option 4: The Wesak 2022 Ceremony Online

To cover the Streaming we kindly ask for a Donation.

A 10% Early bird discount on the Retreat fee will be given until 28th February 2022.


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