The 4 Weeks Wesak Preparation Program


Happy that You are here!

Let us invest our time in ourselves, for our benefit!

Let us be together in the 4 weeks previous to the Wesak Celebration!

How can we do this? 

The preparations for the Wesak festival consists of 4 weekly appointments which will guide you on all levels to a state where you are ready to receive the Blessings & Energies of the Wesak Meditation in the best way for you & our World.

The Preparation Program includes teachings, techniques and tools to keep yourself balanced and strong, spiritually aligned.

You will also receive all information how to live better the Wesak Celebration meditation in full awareness and stillness.

About registration to this program:

  1. If you ARE registered for the Wesak Spiritual Retreat the 4 week Preparation Program is a bonus part of your Retreat. So it is included and you do not need to do anything else.
  2. If you have NOT registered for the Wesak Spiritual Retreat Event (online or physical) but you would like to participate in the Preparation Program you are welcome to do so for a donation of 50€. Your donation will give you automatic access to The Wesak Celebration only and you will supports the scholarship program of TIIS.

The 4 webinar dates are:

The 1st Webinar: Wednesday the 20th of April
The 2nd Webinar: Wednesday the 27th of April
The 3rd Webinar: Wednesday the 4th of May
The 4th Webinar: Monday the 9th of May

If you are not available on one of these dates, a link to the recording of the webinar will be sent to you. The recordings will be available for review only for 1 week.